'Island Memoirs'


Bali will forever hold a special place in my heart. My earliest memories of this island paradise are from our family’s first overseas trip. I was 18 and was totally consumed by Bali’s beauty and it's people.  With an open mind, free spirit and few reservations, this daydreamers haven became home in 2012. Renowned for being a magnet for creatives from across the world to transform their visions into reality, LJC was born out of a desire to create fashion designed for island living.

Together with Cass Deller, we have created a 'Bali' print to tell a story about our memories of the island.

Culture and customs exude peacefully and prominently throughout the island. The waft of incense burning gently in colourful offerings on every corner delivers calmness and a sense of respect. Cheeky monkeys remain vigilant , hiding in coconut trees ready to pounce on unsuspecting tourists. The sounds of bustling streets filled with locals carting fresh produce to the markets while tourists clammer on scooters with stacked surfboards racing to the nearest break before sunset. 

The chugging of pastel fishing boats motoring in the crystal waters ferrying eager snorkeler's to reefs. The sunsetting behind fields of rice patties and the hard working locals in bamboo rice paddy hats. The vibrant colour and aroma of a freshly cut dragonfruit. The smells, sights and sounds of these moments are a feast for the imagination which serve to inspire thoughts of the next adventure.  

This print is inspired by island living in Indonesia's tropical paradise, Bali. My hope is that these pastel watercolour scenes of iconic Bali moments trigger memories of your own faraway holiday escapes.

Bali Photos