• Crandokta Surf Co.

    Crandokta Surf Co. exists to provide homage to the legacy of the original Gentleman Adventurer, Jack ‘Crandokta’ Cranstoun, by providing affordable, high-quality and relevant surfwear. Designed for sun, surf & sand - the saltier the better.Crandokta Surf Co. provides unique apparel inspired by Indonesia, using a combination of raw and natural materials, unique fabric prints and genuine hand woven iKat from around the archipelago.

    After the tragic passing of Jack in 2014, who was taken by the same ocean he adored, the brand was acquired by LJC Designs, the brainchild of his partner, Lucy Cottee, where production continued to ensure the preservation of his legacy. Rebranded and relaunched in 2017, Crandokta Surf Co. enters a new and exciting phase, seeing significant growth and a customer base that extends the world over.Influenced by a blend of Australian surf culture and Indonesian simplicity, Crandokta Surf Co. exists to provide affordable, high-quality and relevant surf style that takes as good as it gives.

  • Kids Collection

    The collection that caters for babies aged 4 months to toddlers aged 4. All pieces made in our signature linen fabric or soft gingham cottons. The pieces are versatile, easy to wear and allow for the most diverse expressions of style. Plus, most of the styles can be purchased to match Mum!

  • Island Memoirs

    Bali will forever hold a special place in my heart. My earliest memories of this island paradise are from our family’s first overseas trip. I was 18 and was totally consumed by Bali’s beauty and it's people.  With an open mind, free spirit and few reservations, this daydreamers haven became home in 2012. Renowned for being a magnet for creatives from across the world to transform their visions into reality, LJC was born out of a desire to create fashion designed for island living.

    Together with Cass Deller, we have created a 'Bali' print to tell a story about our memories of the island.


Who we are?