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c r a n d o k t a s u r f c o .



Crandokta Surf Co. exists to provide homage to the legacy of the original Gentleman Adventurer, Jack ‘Crandokta’ Cranstoun, by providing affordable, high-quality and relevant surfwear. Designed for sun, surf & sand - the saltier the better.
Crandokta Surf Co. provides unique apparel inspired by Indonesia, using a combination of raw and natural materials, unique fabric prints and genuine hand woven iKat from around the archipelago.

Originally founded in 2012, Jack was inspired by the permutation of his time spent travelling to the world’s greatest surf breaks, his rich Australian surfing heritage and the peaceful simplicity of the Balinese culture where he resided. Crandokta Surf Co. was born out of a desire to provide unique and versatile designs that met the basic needs of surfers worldwide.

After the tragic passing of Jack in 2014, who was taken by the same ocean he adored, the brand was acquired by LJC Designs, the brainchild of his partner, Lucy Cottee, where production continued to ensure the preservation of his legacy. Rebranded and relaunched in 2017, Crandokta Surf Co. enters a new and exciting phase, seeing significant growth and a customer base that extends the world over. 

Influenced by a blend of Australian surf culture and Indonesian simplicity, Crandokta Surf Co. exists to provide affordable, high-quality and relevant surf style that takes as good as it gives. 

Testimonial - Charles Williams
Crandokta Surf Co. was established in 2010 by a close friend - Jack (crandokta) Cranstoun. With his enthusiasm for all things surf culture and a passion for eco sustainability, he designed a brand with both in mind; as demonstrated in the fin and leaf label. He designed and sewed his own material board bag featuring both hessian and classic iKat materials, indicative of Indonesia. After seeing his product my partner got me one made to fit my mini mal - I still use the case today. Jack, being the adventurer he was, moved to Bali with his partner, Lucy, chasing waves, lifestyle and adventures. Living in Bali, Jack immersed himself in the culture of the Balinese people learning Indonesian and teaching English.
He truly was a gentleman adventurer and loved nothing more than good waves, cold beers with friends and reading his surfers journal or numerous other novels. One of his particular favourite was by Captain Corralli Mandolin (1994), being able to identify with the quote...
"Every man needs an obsession in order to enjoy life, and it was so much the better if that obsession was constructive."
Bali also gave him the ability grow his label, making surf board covers out of a heavier hessian material, duffle bags and back-packs. Following his partner's brand success (ljc designs) he was able to branch into apparel. The iconic pineapple party shirt is made for drifting from the beach to the bar and now worn across the globe. 
Our aim is to honour and build on Jack's vision. 
"There was once a man who became unstuck in the world - he took the wind for a map, he took the sky for a clock, and set off with no destination. He was never lost.
There once was a man who became unstuck in the world - instead of hooks or a net, he threw himself into the sea. He was never thirsty.
There was once a man who became unstuck in the world - and each person he met became a little less stuck themselves. He traveled only with himself, and he was never alone."

-'Castles in the Sky' by Taylor Steele

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